30 May 2014

Close Monitoring of Projects & Schemes for Welfare of Tribal People through I.T.

The Minister for Tribal Affairs Shri Jual Oram has said, several ongoing programmes, projects & plans aimed at welfare of Tribal people and development of Tribal areas will be closely monitored through application of Information Technology so that detailed information regarding different aspects of the programmes and schemes such as status, expenditure, beneficiaries etc. will be available in public domain and everybody will have access to these informations. After assuming charge, shri Oram said, detailed Tribal Map of India will also be prepared utilizing the technology of Geographical Information system.(G.I.S) which will help the government while implementing different programmes and introducing new schemes and projects for tribal people.

The Minister further added that he will have meeting at regular intervals with Ministers and Secretaries of Tribal Affairs/Tribal Welfare Departments of different states so that region and community specific issues can be addressed more effectively. He said, he will also meet M.Ps and M.L.As representing tribal people and tribal areas from time to time which will keep him abreast of specific local concerns and problems being faced by tribal people. 

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